Club Ministries Fair is a joint celebration of both Pathfinder and Adventurer Clubs for the many months of hard work and service within our churches and communities. It is held on the 3rd Sunday of May on the campus of La Sierra University. Come and join us for an entire day of family fun, food, and fellowship. 


Parade: Class A Uniform (full dress: dress shirt and slacks/jumper, scarf, black socks and black dress shoes)

After Parade: Class C Uniform (field uniform: light blue Adventurer T-shirt and jeans)


8:00 am  Parade Staging

8:45 am  Grand Parade

10:00 am  Official Fair Opening Ceremonies [at close of parade] 

11:00 am  Participate, Look, Eat! [booths and activities open all day]

11:30 am  Drill Down (Field) 

12:30 pm  Drill Team Exhibition (Field)

2:00 pm  Fair Closing Ceremonies/Raffle

3:00 pm  Clean Up


The Calimesa Pathfinder club does a food both with Lemonade, and a participation booth with an honor.