Club Registration

Registration is conducted online by filling out the appropriate form:

Uniform fitting, signing of forms, and payment will take place at the church
in the Fireside Room on Registration day (see calendar for this year's date)

Registration Fees

Yearly Club Registration = $30

This pays for Conference registration, insurance, activity book, etc.

Uniform Purchase

Scarf = $7
Slide = $3
Honor Sash = $8
Belt (boys) = $5
Blue Field Uniform t-shirt = $7

OPTIONAL: Club Sweatshirt = $20

Uniform "Rental"

The club lends out the dress shirt and pants/jumper at no charge. However if they are lost/damaged, the replacement fees are as follows:

Shirt (with patches) = $20
Pants/jumper = $12

Camping Trips = $TBD

Club Camping Trip (October) = $?
SECC Camporee (April) = $?