The uniform makes the Adventurer Club real to its members, especially the children. The uniform becomes an emblem of a standard, builds loyalty to the club, and brings members into a sense of community. The uniform should always be neat, clean, and worn with pride. 

Field Uniform

Adventurer Club t-shirt and blue jeans (long or short).

The field uniform should be worn at all club meetings, certain community service activities (picking up trash, yard work), Camporees and conference-sponsored events.

Dress Uniform

Light blue dress shirt and navy pants or jumper, worn with black socks and black dress shoes, Adventurer belt (boys), burgundy Adventurer scarf and slide. Sash is worn if it has patches on it.

The dress uniform should be worn for special services (Adventurer Sabbath, Induction, Investiture), special church worship functions (greeting, taking up offering), certain community service activities (distributing food baskets, delivering cards), Camporee church services, and conference-sponsored events (when specified).